Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Replacing the Windshield of a Mercedes Benz E350!

Mercedez Benz is a luxury car that needs some special details. As most people know already, the mercedez benz e350 is a really expense car and so replacing the windshield takes more time than other cars. Thats where paying attention to details makes a big difference in terms of the quality of the job. Everything we do here at Superior Atuo Glass is done by the book. We don't cut corners just so we can save some money and save some time. Our clients bring their cars to our shop knowing and expecting only the best. And that is exactly what we provide , the best possible windshield replacement, not only on the workmanship but also on the part. We only use high end materials to unsure 100 percent performance.

Were are almost done replacing the windshield on this car. The owner of the car is very happy about the outcome. The result is exactly what we explained to him before we started working on it. The thing that really separates us from other shops is we make sure everything is explained before we touch it. all the cars are inspected and cleaned to see all the scratches and shown to the customers to make sure once were done with the replacement and repair, everything is the same except for the windshield that was replaced. i pride myself in my experience as a technician and an owner at the same time so i can pretty much tell what it requires for me to satisfy a clients needs. I've been on both side of the fence and i know what it takes to do a great job !