Wednesday, July 8, 2015

auto windows replacement and repair in Ontario ca.

hi my is jeff I'm the owner and operator at superior auto glass and tint shop in ontario ca. We've been in business four more than 2o years and its a family owned business. we truly care about the jobs and service we provide here at our shop may it be replacing windshield and car windows or customizing your car as far as tint wheels and tires. We take price in everything we do here. all our technician are highly trained and able to fix any problems you might have with your car. One of the things we are really proud of is the quality of workmanship we do as far as replacement of car windows and windshield. it doesn't matter if its a foreign or domestic car we do it all.

Replacing a windshield can sometimes be very tricky. If not done right, water will seep through the seal of the windshield and further causing damage to the vehicle. to prevent this from happening , certain precautions must be met and done prior to installation. Glass must be prepped properly, with a non lint cotton or paper towel with an ammonia free glass cleaner. Ammonia, an active ingredient for most glass cleaners, is not a chemical you want to use when replacing a windshield. This chemical causes the urethane or adhesive to separate from the glass overtime. This problem does not occur immediately but it will happen over time and when the rainy season comes. you'll have an even bigger problem to resolve.  this is on the steps you should take in replacing a windshield the prober way.

on the next blog we will discuss more in details on what causes a leak on the windshield and what technicians can do to prevent it from happening. \

here at superior auto glass and tint shop, we only use the highest grade of material and adhesive available in the market. please stop by anytime at superior auto glass and tint shop in ontario  ca and you won't be disappointed. We have 2 location nearby ontario 5 minutes away from each other. please don't hesitate to call at 9094849902 for further